Wrap Around

Wrap Around

Supporting you in the changing world of research.

We help busy clients with a wide range of research needs, providing flexible support as demands on their time continue to increase.

Full Service

Full Service

Research driven entirely by your needs

Informed, collaborative and pragmatic research solutions that genuinely help our clients.

We know there are lots of great research companies
out there. How are we different?

  1. The Support You Need In Today’s
    Research Environment

    We can help you with your classic full-service projects and we can also help by providing wrap around services.

    Just follow the links above to find out more about what Weave can offer you.

  2. Flexibility – help when you need it

    Research and Insight teams are increasingly under pressure – and this is where Weave can help. We provide support across the whole research process or at any part of it, whether you’re using traditional or platform techniques.

    We’re always ready to provide our research expertise wherever you need it most.

  3. Experienced Research Team

    An Experienced Team To Call On

    We have considerable experience in a range of market sectors, both agency- and client-side, which enables us to take an informed and balanced approach to your research needs.

    Contact us using the link above to find out more about how Weave could help you.

Our Specialities

At weave we are happy to discuss your research needs across a variety of national and global sectors. However we have particular knowledge and expertise in the following sectors.

  • Consumer Health
  • FMGC
  • Medical Professionals/Pharmaceutical
  • Advertising Advertising
  • Informed


    We use our experience to understand your business, your challenges and your key questions; we listen to you and help you make the most of what you already know and efficiently fill the knowledge gaps.

  • Collaborative


    We operate as a team, working closely with you, your partners and your stakeholders to ensure the most useful and usable outcomes for everyone involved.

  • Pragmatic


    We will offer efficient and effective solutions to your research needs; we are not about ‘boiling the ocean’.